The Complete Ticker Tocker Discounts & Coupons!

The Complete Ticker Tocker Discounts & Coupons! - Clevious Coupons


Ticker Tocker is a Social Marketplace Of Verified Trading Leaders With Real-Time Trade Ideas, Strategies, Predictive Analytics, Live Broadcast Channels And More

  1. Marketplace: Ticker Tocker is a fully-featured marketplace of trading subscription products sold individually on each Leader’s profile. 
  2. Subscriptions: Leaders provide trading products for users to subscribe to their profiles. 
  3. Copy Trading: Social charting tools provide novice traders the ability to easily copy leader's trades in realtime to their existing broker accounts.? 
  4. Live Channels: Channels provide live trading rooms that allow users to see Leaders talk about the markets and trade live powered by a social chat with actionable color-coded trades. 
  5. Layouts: Powerful easy to use layouts allow traders to visualize trends and get alerts when buying and selling opportunities arise powered by predictive analytics, AI, custom indicators, and more.
  6. Education: Educational courses allow users to access social learning on how to get better as traders from every level, Leaders offer courses and lessons in the education portal. Strategies: Automated trading systems allow traders to subscribe to and start auto trading signals generated by machine learning, AI, and powerful logic all created by some of the best traders in the business.