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Biteable is a do-it-yourself video making platform.
In 2014 Biteable was founded in Hobart, Australia, started by James MacGregor, Simon Westlake, and Tommy Fotak. It received seed funding in 2015 and now also has offices in Melbourne. By March 2018 the platform has three million users, growing from 1.1 million users in 2017. That year the company received investment from Tanks Stream Ventures and Microequities Venture Capital Fund.
Biteable creates a video creator, which is used to develop explainer videos, ads, animations, presentations, and other video products. There is both a free and a paid version of the platform. It aims to “democratize” video for use by businesses. Users create their videos from their own images, audio, and text, used alongside Biteable animation and supplied footage. During the first year, Biteable had 90,000 clients and created 100,000 videos. Initially, all Biteable videos were free but came with a watermark, which cost a fee to remove. Following this, the company created a subscription platform for watermark-free videos. As of March 2018, four million videos have been made with Biteable’s platform.